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A complete range of air heaters designed to heat air to temperatures of up to 870 deg.C., and inert gases up to 1245 deg.C., at pressures of up to 10 bar. With power ratings from 1.5 to 144kW in very compact form, and housings of stainless steel, quartz & ceramic, air volumes of up to 5000 LPM can be processed. A full range of matching controls is available, as well as blowers, hoses, connectors, flares, valves, gauges, etc. Integrated models combine heater, sensor, & controller in a single unit, for precise control, and long life.


Used for heating, drying, curing, soldering & desoldering, sealing, adhesive activation, aseptic packaging, plastic forming & welding, sterilisation, etc., in many industries, but especially in packaging, medical.