Flexible Mat Heaters

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Consisting of resistance wire, tape, or pre-insulated heating cable encapsulated in layers of flexible insulating material. These mats, jackets, blankets, & panels, can be used at temperatures of up to 400 deg.C., and are available in a wide variety of materials, such as silicon rubber, kapton, nomex, mylar, quartz cloth, glass cloth, epoxy, aluminium foil, & moulded GRP. They can be self adhesive, strapped to the heated surface, or held in place by integral eyelet’s, and can have built in thermostats or thermocouples, as well as integral insulation.


Used for temperature maintenance, frost protection, and anti-condensation heating of tanks & vessels, conical hoppers, vats, and any irregularly shaped surfaces, in industries such as petrochemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, food processing, chemicals, and for storage or transport, or to facilitate pumping of heat sensitive materials in any industry.