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Made using carbon steel framework and sheet metal panels with painted, galvanised, or stainless steel finish. Walls, roof, & doors have 100mm mineral wool insulation, with minimal thermal bridging between inner and outer surfaces. Powered by Electric heaters, steam coils, or thermal fluid circulation coils. Designed to house 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, or 32 drums, but can be used for almost any industrial process heating application. Supplied complete with all necessary controls, interlocks, and safety devices, all models have circulating fans for even heat distribution.. Can be made with or without floor, and can have spillage sump, overflow collection trays, roller base for easy loading, etc. IP65 rated versions for outdoor use, and ATEX certified hazardous area versions are available.


Easy and effective method of heating drums, either for temperature maintenance or raising. Multi-drum models are designed to accept standard pallets, and will accommodate IBC’s, other tanks and vessels, and can be used to heat almost any item.