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A range of heated tools, available in various power and voltage ratings, for hand held, or bench mounted use. A standard range of sizes are available, but can also be supplied with customised blades or irons, for a multitude of applications. We also offer specially designed equipment for any operation requiring thermal cutting, sealing, punching, etc.


Widely used in many industries for cutting and sealing synthetic materials, such as ropes, cords, webbing, sacking, sailcloth, tarpaulins, etc., made from nylon, terylene, polypropylene, rubberised canvas, etc. Also used for sealing and jointing polymers in roll form bag form, etc. Typical use would be in the manufacture of slings, lifting straps, seat belts, deck chairs, loudspeakers, shoes, hats, tow ropes, mail bags, etc., and are widely used by riggers, sail makers, upholsterers, flooring contractors, etc.