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Thermocouples & RTD’s made as tube skin, bare, & mineral insulated types. Single or multi point assemblies in metal, quartz, & ceramic sheaths, with connection heads, leads, head mounted transmitters or terminal blocks, & pressure fittings, bayonet fittings, adaptors, and flanges. Thermowells are available as solid machined, or fabricated types, in a variety of metals and polymers, with threaded or flanged mountings. Connectors and terminal blocks for all RTD and thermocouple calibrations, either in line or panel mounting, standard or miniature, as well as connecting lugs, clamps, & mounting plates.¬†Cables to connect sensors to other equipment is available as extension or compensating type, in single and multi-pair, screened, shielded, or braided, in a wide choice of sheath materials.


Temperature sensing in any application, in any industry, and connection of the sensor to controllers, indicators, signaling devices, control panels, transmitters, etc.