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Self regulating, fixed length, or site-cut zone parallel heating tapes, as well as ptfe or pvc insulated, or alloy sheathed mineral insulated heating cables. Made in various power ratings, voltages, & sheath materials, most can have stainless steel overbraiding for mechanical protection, and/or a polymer coating. Glassfibre insulated versions are available for high temperature use, as well as a full range of joiners, couplers, junction boxes, digital & mechanical thermostats, fixings, etc. Pre-assembled ready to use kits for domestic & commercial use available from stock. ATEX cables, termination’s, & thermostats are also available. ELEMEX is pleased to offer a design and specification service for any trace heating application, as well as installation advice.


Used for frost protection, temperature maintenance, or process temperature raising of pipework containing water, chemicals, fuel oils, asphalt, tar, bitumen, wax, and other substances.